Quiet strength with authentic craftsmanship speak of sincerity,
while the works emanate compositional organization. Jill Hendrix’s solo exhibitions convey the incorporation of two and three- dimensional wood sculptures and paintings. The works project atmospheric, architecturally linear, and minimal forms which project hidden and revealed mark-making. The color relationships offer delineations of tones and hues using a methodology of excavation accomplished with several types of processes.

Philosophically, the artist believes experiences from her own life’s journey promote an initial motive leading to eventual conceptual unity in a piece of art. Progressively in each ensemble, she senses when the marriage of intuitiveness and formal elements occur, which lead to metaphors about the wisdom gained from her steps taken. She also includes various essays to exhibit with the work authored during the creating process. The essays range from themes discussing a plethora of her life's trek.

Piecemeal, was Hendrix's most recent solo exhibition at the Wise Auditorium Gallery on the campus of Tyler Junior College, Tyler, Texas, in the fall of 2015. The installation consisted of five sculptural ensembles of painted elements on wood emphasizing the voice of color, form and shadow.

Beyond Mediocrity, a solo exhibition at the Center for Contemporary Arts, Abilene, Texas, in the Fall of 2014, consisted of fifteen works of various forms of ladders and paintings exhibiting metaphorical representations of the artist's challenges and realizations of choosing excellence above mediocrity.

Shown: Catladder, painted Birch and Poplar wood, 98" x 20" x 20," 2014.