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It's personal...... (click on diagram to enlarge)

Sometimes a drawing expresses our biography much better than a verbal connotation. The sporadic and raw vocabulary on my personal diagram in the inner geometric shapes speak of my credo, and the outer words best describe my art. Creativity comes from the inside out and is idiosyncratic.

Native Texan born in Cisco and raised in Tyler, I divide my time between East Texas and Austin. I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Texas at Tyler. New work is created on an ongoing basis in my studio in Lindale. While the studio is not a storefront, this website is the method of presenting my work. I consistently enter juried exhibitions and consider the participation an important facet of my profession for the purposes of communication to others about my work and life. Whether proposals are rejected or accepted, the process fuels my urge for excellence and innovativeness in the world of contemporary art.

Other than my art profession, I am enmeshed in the lives of my husband, our two grown daughters and their families. I find joy in writing, gardening and spending time in nature. I am a passionate follower of Jesus Christ, whose teachings give me exciting opportunities to serve others daily. Every work of art I call my own is inspired and motivated by my life—past present and future— with Christ.